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Serial communication has been widely used for many applications such as data transmission, program communication and etc. In serial communication, user interface design is vital to show the data coming from microprocessors or any device that can link with the serial port.

In order to provide these features given above, a user interface design is performed in the C# programming language. In this project, we also utilize a real-time plotting GitHub repository which you can access with the following link:

I hope it is useful for you 🙂

What can you do using this program?

  • Reading serial port for a selected port name
  • Writing the whole data that is read by the program to the text file which is named by the user
  • Writing data to the serial port

Which kinds of projects you can utilize the basis of these codes?

  • Embedded software simulation
  • Real time engine application
  • Estimation and Control of Physical System
  • Plotting data coming from any embedded device
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